MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, a nationally recognised programme developed to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of the many thousands of individuals who drive minibuses in the course of their work or as volunteers.

MiDAS is designed to make appropriate assessment, training and accreditation available to minibus drivers from schools, colleges, universities, health authorities, local authorities and volunteer organisations at a local level.

Whilst minibuses are a relatively safe mode of passenger transport, the task of driving a minibus requires skills over and above those required for driving a car.

Passenger transport drivers have responsibility for a wide range of passengers including vulnerable adults, children and young people as well as the elderly and people with disabilities. They also have a Duty of Care to take reasonable safety precautions when arranging and providing transport for all passengers. MiDAS helps fulfil this Duty of Care by providing the relevant training to minibus drivers.

MiDAS training is delivered by our Social Enterprise DAB Plus Driver Training. Our Trainers have undergone an intensive training course on how to undertake a minibus driving assessment in an objective and consistent manner, how to structure on-road assessments, provide “classroom based” safety training, and refresher training.

Refresher Training

All MiDAS Drivers’ certificates are initially valid for 4 years from the date of issue. After this period, drivers are required to attend Refresher Training sessions.

MiDAS for cars/MPV
MiDAS has now been extended to provide training to the many thousands of people who drive cars and MPV’s for voluntary and statutory organisations.

Legally ordinary car licence holders can drive an MPV with no additional training and there is no legal requirement for a car driver to undertake extra training when carrying passengers.

However, drivers have specific responsibilities to vulnerable passengers such as children and disabled people. As well as a Duty of Care to take reasonable safety precautions when arranging and providing transport for all passengers.

Please contact DAB Plus Driver Training on 01771 619191 or email training@dabplus.org.uk for further details

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